From £25 – £185

A few things astrology may be used for include:

– Understanding one’s life path and personality profile.
– Looking at unconscious patterning brought through from past lives.
– Unravelling current problems.
– Looking at future trends.
– A guide to self help

Astrology Readings

Please use the contact page on this website for initial enquiries.

We link up online on Zoom, WhatsApp, or over the phone (UK only) to interpret your birth chart.
There are also limited face to face appointments.

I will need to get your time, date and place of birth in writing beforehand so that I can calculate your birth chart and prepare for our appointment. It’s also helpful to know if there is anything in particular you would like me to clarify or discuss.

Payment is by bank transfer in GB pounds sterling after your appointment has been confirmed and I send you my UK account information.