Astrology Readings and Reports

From £25 – £185

A few things astrology may be used for include:

– Understanding one’s life path and personality profile.
– Looking at unconscious patterning brought through from past lives.
– Unravelling current problems.
– Looking at future trends.
– A guide to self help

Original Art Prints

Elise has always had a fascination with the stars and the mysteries of the universe. Her artwork is inspired by her affinity to mystical places and the connection into other realms and dimensions and how planet earth and humanity are connected and interlinked with the cosmos, “as above, so below.” Subjects in her work range from the question of our origins to the world of spirit and how we can heal. The Zodiac Series accurately encapsulates and projects the character, meaning and essence of each star sign and was originally painted as a pocket size astrological teaching tool.

As an artist, astrologer and musician, Elise works with colour, symbol and sound, all of which are ways of working with vibration and frequency to uplift the soul and raise our consciousness. Elise paints using liquid acrylic inks and acrylic paint to create bold and vibrant colours in her artwork. Each picture with its accompanying text is created not just as a visual image but is intended to project and resonate its meaning deep within the viewer through its symbolism, composition and colour vibration.

These images can be meditated upon.