Testimonial for Elise

I would like to say a huge thank you to Elise for preparing my Karmic Astrological Chart. The consultation and the report received were amazing and very well explained to someone that knew nothing of the symbolism of astrology. Elise allows plenty of time to ask and answer questions, and her depth of knowledge radiates from her.

I would not hesitate to recommend a reading with Elise.

Thank you again.

Signed    Liz Harris

Testimonial for Elise

My karmic astrology reading was incredibly enlightening. It confirmed for me that my almost obsessive interest in both Ancient Egypt and Native American culture since childhood resulted from past lives. The level of detail was astounding, and all made perfect sense as things clicked into place.

The reading took place not long after my younger sister had passed away and I was drowning in grief. During the reading I discovered that I had been with her in previous lives and that helped me understand the layers of sadness I was experiencing. Elise also explained the amount of loss I had gone through in other lifetimes which made this grief all the deeper.

I still revisit what Elise gave me during the reading to remind myself of what was said and to help keep me on track. It helped me understand myself on a deeper level.

I have recommended having a reading to several people as it gives context and deeper understanding of why we are here.

signed    Rachel

Testimonial for Elise

I have only met Elise a couple of times in passing, and she has no information about me or my life.

The reading which she gave me was absolutely astounding. I am now 51yrs and the way she described what I had brought through for my life lessons in this lifetime, accurately described what I’ve been processing, I’ve reconciled a lot of “demons” in the past three years, and my chart showed that I would be more settled in the second half of my life. The chart focused on my quest for knowledge and spiritual growth, and that I should be working in the healing field or counselling.

I work in the healing field, and I am currently training to be a counsellor !
For me it was confirmation that the inner work and understanding I have been getting from the past twenty-five years, is totally where I was meant to be, and what is amazing, is that the chart totally maps that out.

There was confirmation in every single aspect and house which Elise discussed. It was not woolly or generic.

Elise spent a long time going through the chart with me, going into depth about what the different positions meant.

She is very passionate and knowledgeable about what she does, and this in itself blew me away.

I had not realised that I am about to enter my Chiron return, in May, so this was perfect timing to obtain guidance on what this means and how to navigate it.

I recommend that anyone who wants an in depth understanding of who they are, here in this incarnation, gets in touch.

Thank you, Elise.

signed   Kirstie Smith

Testimonial for Elise

I would like to express my gratitude to Elise for the lengthy time and commitment she put into compiling my Natal/past lives Astrology report.

Her knowledge on this subjuct is extensive, and as a novice to astrology, her explanations were clear and concise. She is clearly very passionate about her work and generous with her time.

I really did not know what to expect, however Elise made me feel very welcome with her warm personality. She spent a considerable amount of time explaining all aspects of my chart in an easy to understand format.

I left with a lovely folder with all the information to re-read at my leisure. Elise also made herself available for any further questions that may arise.

I was amazed by much of the information, as it totally resonated with me. I look forward to future transit readings, and I’ll be recommending Elise to my family and friends to have a reading.

signed   Katie Seivwright