A tree grows in two directions at once. As the branches reach skyward towards the light and the stars the roots grow equally deep into the earth. The trunk is the bridge between the upper world, middle world and lower world, as is the shaman who sits rooted in the earth while simultaneously connecting to and travelling through the other worlds to find the divine wisdom, knowledge, guidance and healing required for his purpose.
Held within the branches we can see the cosmic womb and ovaries with the ecliptic or zodiac wheel representing the birth canal for star seeding on planet earth. On the trunk we can see the chakra symbols and as we move down from the upper world it acts like a bridge into duality, rooting into earth. The three spiralling ammonite fossils are symbols of life, death and rebirth and of change and positive motion. They sit among ruby aura crystals which connect the heart to the root chakra.

Mounted print size available:
  Metric  23cm x 17.8cm
 Imperial  9″ x 7″