22nd July – 23rd August

Natives born under the fixed fire sign of Leo the lion, ruled by the sun, are regal, large hearted, strong-willed and generous.
They have great vitality, energy and creative skills. Leo individuals like to “hold court” and need to be recognised for their endeavours. They have natural leadership qualities and lots of enthusiasm.
Leos don’t like to be in a subordinate position or given orders, as they are far happier and more generous as employers or managers, but, if these traits are overstressed or misused they can become egotistical, domineering, and self-appraising.
Leo individuals like glamour, status and being in the limelight, therefore, they are well suited for the role of film star, jeweller, goldsmith, famous singer, artist or sports hero.

Mounted print size available:
  Metric  23cm x 17.8cm
 Imperial  9″ x 7″